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What to Expect at Your Pets’s Checkup

Posted by petsavenuevet on January 25, 2016 in Pet Healthcare, Pet Saftey Tips | No Comments

When we take our pets to the vet for a health check, here are some of the things our vet will assess:


We go foe health checkups once in a while to ensure that we are in the pink of health. Unbeknownst to most, Our fur-kids require the same level of medical attention too. There are several reasons to visit a vet; when your pet is ill, for a geriatric checkup. a pre-surgical examination etc.

The primary aim of a health checkup is to ensure the wellbeing of your pet by allowing the vet to         identify problems Gaily and administer prompt and proper  Care. This reduces the risk of “small problems” escalating into something fatal. Not only does it prevent unnecessary pain and suffering for your pet, you will Save On medical bills.

A health checkup is tailored according to the purpose of visit, relevant history and findings on clinical examination. It is recommended that young animals undergo health Checkups annually (Formehelk 02016)’. As a senior pets (dogs and cats in the last 25% of their preacted frfespan. depending on species and breed),more extensive and frequent examinations (typically biannual/’ are recommended.

During a physical examination. your veterinanan may check the following:

A baseline: Bloodwork (Complete blood count, Biochemistry Profile), urinalysis and faecal analysis can be done for your pet too.

COMPLETE BLOOD COUNT – This assesses the red blood cells. White blood cells and platelet count

BIOCHEMISTRY PROFILE – Analysts of afferent organ function based on organ-specific enzymes.

URINALYSIS – This test assesses the hearth and function of the urinary system.

 FAECAL ANALYSIS – This test assesses the health and function of the gastrointestinal system.

Our fur-kids age taster than is they are prone to a wide array of ailments and some do not show overt signs of Illnesses till late stage.

Therefore, with regular health checkups at the vet, early detection and prevention can ensure that your pet leads a more fulfilling life with you!


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