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FAQs About Your Pets’s Behaviour

Posted by petsavenuevet on January 18, 2016 in Uncategorized | No Comments

Caught in a pickle and not sure how to handle your pet in certain situations? Check out our latest handout where we will answer some frequently asked questions about common pet behaviours!


Q  recently, I have been getting Scratches after playing with my cat. Miu miu and I realized that her nails are getting too long again. I have tried bringing her to the groomer for nail trimming but she would always bite the groomer what should I do?

A You can get Miu Mu used to being handled and more comfortable by constantly touching her nails when she is at home. If she remains calm reward her with treats to reinforce this behavior. In this way you can help familiarize & disunites her to such handling her at groomers.

Q I have difficulty bringing my cat. Oreo, out as he refuses in enter his carrier. It is frustrating and lime consuming to force him in and we usually end up with countless of scratches. Do you have advice on how to alleviate this?

A Try taking out his crate days before  the trip Out and  leaving It near the booker with the earner door open so that Oreo can get used to his Carrier. Place treats or some of his favorite toys inside to entice him to exploit- the carrier, the goal is for him to associate carrier with positive experiences and to provide sense of security and comfort. But if time does not permit you can try placing the carrier in a small room with low hiding places. This may encourage Orin to choose the carrier and reduce any stress & frustration.

Q  My family and I love to go out often and we got a dog. Cookie, we would love to bring her to cafes and parks on weekends.  However, Cookie becomes very newels in the car whenever we take her out. Do you have ideas on how to make car rides more pleasant for Cookie?

A  we like to encourage owners to take their dogs out to places besides the wet clinic or the groomers. This will reduce the likelihood of them associating car rides with unpleasant or novel situations. Try giving her some now to explore flail car Wore guiding her In. Every time she advances, give her a treat. You may even try bringing her out on short trips around your place and reward her generously after!

Q My dog. Tiger has a fear of the vet clinic. Whenever we get near the clinic, she refuses to enter the clinic and I would have to drag her in.  Sometimes, she will even pee and poop there.  She will cause such a commotion that I sometimes am embarrassed.

A Many times, dogs are scared to go to the vet due to their previous negative experiences.  to overcome Tiger’s fear. You can schedule a trip down to the vet clinic for her lo socialize and befriend the clinic staff.  Gradually, tiger will learn that trips to the set can be pleasant too and will be calm during the actual visit!

Q We have been taking our puppy, Blackie, to puppy training school, but we feel that she is not receptive to the training. She is still skittish when we bring her to new places, or when we leave her in the day care. Is there anything else we can do supplementary to the training?

A You can consider complementing behavioral training with medical therapy, for example Pheromones which are behavior altering agents, e.g. Dog Appearing Pheromone for dogs, feilway for cats, and these are readily available from pet shops. Alternatively, your veterinarian may prescribe nutrace ceuticals (e.g. Zylkenet or drugs )


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