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 Nutrition and Weight management program
At Pets Avenue Vet, we realise how important it is for your pets to be in good condition and have optimal weight.

To help you, get your pet in to top shape, we provide a  Weight- Management Program. The aim of the program is to help you, get your pet, to lose weight and gain optimum health and vitality.

At the first visit, we will weight your pet, measure the abdominal circumference and work out a condition score. Based on the results we will work out the optimum weight and the right amount of food to feed. You will then be asked to book a free follow up visit every month till we reach your pet’s optimum weight.

At every follow up visit, we will fill in your pet’s progress chart and do a re-evaluation of our weight loss plan. This is a totally free program where one of our staff members will support you all the way to reach your pet’s optimum weight and vitality.

Some of the common disorders associated with excess weight include:

  •  Diabetes
  •  Respiratory and Heart disease
  •  Osteoarthritis
  •  High blood pressure
  •  Musculoskeletal pain
  •  Exercise Intolerance
  •  Increased surgical and anaesthetic complications
  •  Reproductive Disorders
  •  Heat Intolerance
  •  Hypertension
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