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Preventive Care for Cats & Dogs

Posted by petsavenuevet on May 30, 2015 in Pet Healthcare | No Comments


It is recommended to bring your pet for regular health checks to ensure that your pet is healthy and protected.

After getting a new dog or cat, a visit to the vet will allow the vet to evaluate your pet’s health and risk of diseases. From there. a lifestyle that is beneficial to your pet will be recommended. Your vet may give your pet recommendations for:


Heart worm Round Worm Hook Worm Tape Worm Ear milt Thick & Flea Chewing lice Administration Frequency
Heartgard Chewable Once a month
Revolution Apply liquid on back of neck Once a month
Intercetor Chewable Once a month
frontline Apply liquid on back of neck Once a month
Drontal Tablet Once every 3-6 months for adults and once a month for puppy kittens
bravecto Chewable Once every 3 months


  1. Puppy and kitten vaccinations
  1. Regular voccinations for dogs (administered annually after the puppy stage) provide
    protection against:
  1. Kennel Cough vaccination
  2. Regular vaccinations for cats (administered regularly based on your vet’s recommendation, usually once every 3 years) provide protection against:
  1. Rabies vaccination (administered annually if required)

The above information serves as a general guideline for preventive healthcare. There may be   exceptions depending on your pet’s lifestyle, health and predispositions. Always consult your vet   beforehand to determine the best healthcare regimen for your pet.


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