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Fews kind words our pet owners left

This is my first time sending my cat to a vet (probably bc its my first time taking care of a pet too) that is filled w a team of amazing people. So i send my cat for sterilization in the morning on 12/5/16 at another vet. Everything seems fine until at night when i found that my cat managed to pull her head out of the collar and it was super hard for me to put it back in her head. I panicked bc firstly there is no one else at home that could help me and secondly, i need to go for my spine operation on 13/5/16. So i went on the internet to find a 24-hr vet that i could send my cat to. And luckily i found Pets Avenue and i couldnt be more thankful to have found this place. I was introduced to Dr Chong who assured me that my cat will be safe under their care and i can go for my operation without having to worry about her . Since then i have been receiving daily updates about my cat up till today and i have no worries about her bc she is really under the care of wonderful & friendly team. I really have no regrets sending her here although its quite a distance away from my house but why worry about the distance when your cat is well taken care of? Thank you so so much Pets Avenue team and now i cant wait to fetch my cat next week!

-Siti Haziqah

Visited the Pets Ave Clinic out of chance as I was trying to find a good doctor for my dog. Had very bad experiences with the past clinics and I’m SO THANKFUL that I finally found an amazing clinic! Dr Chong has been super helpful, friendly and informative and it really helps to ease the anxiety with my dog. J Thank you Dr Chong! really appreciate all the help and advice thus far! Will definitely spread the word of this amazing clinic! To Michael as well, thank you for being so helpful too every time I step into the clinic, it’s always a pleasant experience coming and going from Pets Ave. See all of you soon!

-Melissa Goh

Dr Chong is a fantastic vet who has a real passion in this line, and the best part is he treats the humans equally well too! Our dogs are comfortable with him and we always feel assured when leaving our dogs in their hands! Lotsa hugs from Scrappy and Pebble!

-Joyce Ong

My dog (Baby) and I would like to express our gratitude towards Dr Chong and Michael for their kind, caring, understanding and professional attention to Baby’s emergency situation on Tue night (2/12/161. Baby is suffering from liver cancer and her situation took a turn for the worst since last Sunday night. her condition was bad on Tue night which prompted me to search online for a 24 hr vet clinic. Of a few found, PAVC stood out with highly positive comments alongside so I wasted no time to contact the clinic near 11p.m. Michael answered the call with prompt advise and made arrangement for Dr Chong to see Baby. When Baby and I reached the clinic. Dr Chong quickly put her on oxygen to stabilise her condition while going through her medical history provided by me. I-le showed much empathy and sympathy towards Baby’s condition and provided advice and alternatives to me professionally with that human touch. As I left home in a hurry, I did not have nets nor cash to pay for Baby’s medical fees. Both Dr Chong and Michael were very understanding and left me with a very positive impression that they are genuinely cared for Baby and not putting money as the 1st priority. Though Baby’s condition is bad with very hour alive as bonus. Surely she could feel the caring and human touch from Dr Chong and the team. As of the time of this email, She is still hanging on and if, and I hope she could live as long as possible, I will definitely go back to Dr Chong for her continuous treatments. Thank you, Dr Chong and PAVC!

-Simon Lee and Baby Lee

We brought our 11yo Husky, Hunter to Pets Avenue this evening, and Dr Sheryl was very very good in explaining to us the possible causes for his skin infection, and his blood test results.
Compared to other vet clinics we have been to regarding the recurring problem, we felt that the prescription given was more holistic, less invasive and provides a long-term plan for Hunter’s health as a senior dog. We will definitely recommend Pets Avenue and their wonderful team to all pet owners who are looking for veterinary advice and treatment for their furry friends!

-Enxin & Will

An excellent team of staff here at Pets Avenue: I had to rush my cat to the vet one night due to an emergency. The only 24-hr clinic to have answered my call and attend to my worries and my cat, Baby. Consulted Dr Chong, who was extremely thorough in his explanation and very empathetic towards our situation. He recommended an emergency surgery, and despite the urgency he reasonably gave us a choice of doing the surgery the next day at his clinic or another clinic nearer to our home. Of course. Baby had her surgery done at Pets Ave the next day and stayed at the clinic for a few nights before getting discharged. As an owner who was very concerned about her pet’s condition, I received phone call updates before and after Baby’s surgery, and even when Baby was already sleeping at home after the discharge, the clinic SMSs and calls me to ask about Baby’s progress. Ever since then,Baby has been in the pink of health and is a little more active than before. I thank all the staff for the amazing experience we had: everyone was driven to help and served their clients with passion. I highly recommend pet owners to bring their pets here, you’ll be very pleased!

-Nora Malik

We moved to Singapore with our cats this year. And after a few months living here we found out one of our cats has diabetes. Something we did not know anything about. But they explained everything so good about the desease. Once taking our cat home we had constantly contact with them en they would always answer back inmediately. When you have a cat with diabetes it’s so important to have a good relationship with your vet. I can’t say enough good things about at the doctors and assistants. They are so nice to my cats and us. I’m so glad I found this clinic, I can absolutely say they are the best vet we ever had! And probably the best we will ever have.

-Jasmijn Bangma

We’ve been taking our cat Iggy to see Dr. Chong for several months and have nothing but wonderful things to say about him and the entire Pets Avenue staff. It’s a very personal experience when we visit, as the staff takes the time to learn the names of patients and their owners. Dr. Chong is incredibly thorough, friendly and always makes us feel comfortable. He’s passionate about what he does and it shows – you get the feeling he would tell you every detail if he had the time! Recently Iggy fell ill and we were concerned that he might have cancer. Dr. Chong and his staff were so caring and helpful, and they were always there to answer our questions. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for them to text and call to see how Iggy is doing. Iggy is doing well, and we owe a lot of this to Pets Avenue. If you are in need of veterinary services for your pet, you must check this place out!

-Jonah A. Berger

We saw Dr Chong at Pets Avenue this morning and we were really impressed with the service. Dr Chong is very calm and gentle with your pet. He explains everything very clearly, is very friendly and you really feel like your pet is in good hands. I would definitely recommend this surgery.

-Lianne Jenny

Here I am to commend Dr. Chong for his selfless act that saved my cat Bailey today. I had trouble putting and coaxing my already traumatised and sick baby into the carrier as he needed emergency treatment for his urinary problem. I called numerous vets and transport companies but they weren’t of any help. He called me and provided assistance in getting a person named Johnson to put my cat into the carrier and it was quite an ordeal. Dr. Chong proved to be a boon not only to where he works but more towards his love for animals to tend to my desperate need. How so?? Let me say more if he were to be a business minded person, he would not go the extra mile to locate Johnson for me and he did not make it compulsory to go to his clinic, he left the choice to me Because of this, I am really ever so grateful for his help that words just cannot describe how I feel. For this… I take my hat off to you….kowtow to you.. or whatever I can do as you are truly a credit to society. Thank you…thank you…thank you a million times from the bottom of my heart.

-Chin Lee

I brought my kittens over to Pets Avenue for their vaccinations and sterilisations, and the staff there were wonderful with them! Dr Chong is very friendly and approachable, always willing to advise and share tips. The staff updated me on the progress of their surgery during the kittens’ sterilisation without being asked, something that I really appreciated which put my mind to ease. I highly recommend bringing your pets there!

-Ban Xiong Tan

Dr. Chong is extremely patient & provided a comprehensive diagnosis of my dog. The next day after our visit, Dr Chong even personally called me to follow up, checking if my dog is feeling better. Strongly recommended. Charges were reasonable as well.

-Vanna See

We have been bringing our trouble maker dog Donut to see Dr Chong. Donut isn’t the easiest of patients! Dr C is always really friendly, knowledgable, gentle, and caring towards Donut and he listens to our concerns and our worries about our pet. He is definitely a vet you can trust with your pet. He is open and honest, and explains things clearly in a way you understand whilst involving you in the management plan of your pet. The rest of the team are lovely too- caring and helpful! The team even text every now and again to see how Donut is doing as he had to have specialist surgery. They also offer 24/7 emergency service, so one night we were a bit worried so we rang after hours and someone from the team helped us with our queries and reassured us!! We will definitely be seeking Dr Chongs expertise if Donut should ever need further treatment! Donut LOVES going to the vets!

-Melissa Anne Khoo

Dr Chong’s consults are always informative, and it’s because he takes the time to help you understand your pet’s condition. Not only that, he has always been empathetic towards my worries and concerns.

Thanks for being such a genuine vet, Dr Chong! It’s a big relief to be able to find a vet who thinks of my pet’s interest as importantly as I do

-Amily Low

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